Solarplicity Banned From Taking New Customers

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OFGEM has announced that it has issued a provisional order against Solarplicity, banning it from taking on new customers and increasing Direct Debits of vulnerable customers.

Solarplicity, a supplier with 60’000 customers, has been warned by OFGEM to get its house in order within 3 months or face extension of the order or revocation of its license.

It is encouraging to see OFGEM taking a firm stand against suppliers failing to deliver the service expected by customers.

However we have long campaigned that rather than waiting for complaints to flood, any application for a supplier license should be scrutinized as to whether the applicant will be able to deliver a satisfactory service both from within the human resources and more importantly a sound and capable IT system.

All too often customers experience great trouble as a result of a poor or faulty IT system.