Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Alpine Utilities Commitment

Alpine Utilities Energy Brokers are committed to the highest standards of customer service & customer satisfaction. Complaints from customers are important to us, both to gives us an opportunity to resolve concerns and as a method of improving our practice and will be treated with courtesy & respect.

The staff of Alpine Utilities Energy Brokers are dedicated to providing the highest standards of customer service. Despite our best efforts, sometimes things do go wrong. When they do, we would like you to tell us so that we can put things as quickly as possible.

We will try to resolve your issues as quickly as possible, either by apologising, making a goodwill gesture or in serious cases offering a compensation.

If a complaint is not resolved to the customers satisfaction, they have the right to refer the matter to the Ombudsman for energy brokers.

Making a complaint

Stage one

If a customer is concerned about the service provided by Alpine Utilities Energy Brokers, they should contact us in the usual manner, either by calling (0161) 708 8640 m: 0755 376 0933 or by email to

It will help us respond to your complaint if you tell us:

  • What you think has gone wrong
  • What you would like us to do about it
  • A day time telephone number
  • The address and postcode to which we should send a reply

Our response

If you make a complaint, we will:

  • Investigate the matter honestly, thoroughly and promptly
  • Deal with it fairly
  • Try to resolve your complaint, as far as we can
  •  Use the lessons we learn to improve our service

If we are at fault, we will accept responsibility. We will tell you what we can do to put things right & tell you what we can do to stop similar problems occurring in the future. Otherwise, we will explain why we feel the complaint is not justified.

We aim to acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days* and try to resolve your complaint within 10 working days*.

Stage two:

If despite our response, you are still dissatisfied, you can escalate your complaint to be reviewed by a third party.

Please send us a letter with the full details of your case and reason of your dissatisfaction, which we will pass on with our response to an outsider to consider.

We will ask him/her to briefly explain his/her opinion in writing, which we will pass on in full to you, although it will be merely advisory and non-binding to both parties. We will accompany their opinion with our response.

Subject to the availability of the third party, we hope to complete this process within 15 working days*.

Final Stage:

If your complaint is not resolved during stage one and two, you have to option, subject to being a micro-business (see definition of micro-business below) to the ombudsman (starting 1st Dec 22).

If you indicate that you are unhappy with a proposed or stated solution arising out of this process we will issue a Deadlock Letter to you, allowing you to refer the matter to the Ombudsman for energy brokers

You can also apply to the Ombudsman, if after 8 weeks from first raising the issue with Alpine Utilities, the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction.

The ombudsman service is impartial and free of charge for our clients to use.


We will deal with your complaint, in person, by telephone, or in writing. Communication will be the as preferred by the customer and which is practicable in the circumstances. If we meet you in person, or have contact by telephone, we will confirm our position to you in writing.

Resolution Process

The resolution of your complaint is free of charge. You do not have to accept any proposal to resolve your complaint. Making use of this complaints process, does not prevent you from proceeding to Law, should you wish to do so.

If you wish to raise a complaint with Alpine Utilities, please contact :-

Alpine Utilities Energy Brokers
41 Wellington St East


M7 4DN


Tel: 0161 708 8640

The Energy Ombudsman can be contacted by the following methods:-

Phone: 0330 440 1624,


Post: Energy Ombudsman, PO Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF

*Time scales refer to regular days when our office is operating. However, at times, we will be closed for holidays, in which case our response time can be extended accordingly. During our holiday periods, emails should receive an auto-reply, stating the day of our return. You may also find those dates under the news section of our website.

Micro-business is a customer who uses less than 100’000kwh electricity or 293’000kwh of gas.

Or employs fewer than 10 employees (or full time equivalent) and has an annual turnover or balance sheet no greater than €2 million.