Offering Now FREE Audit Of Your Water Bills

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We are delighted to inform you that we have now partnered with a Market Leader in Water Management

With suppliers overcharging customers in 1 out every 3 water bills, expert scrutiny and advice is essential to ensure charges accurately reflect the services you receive, and with deregulation just around the corner (April 2017) now is the best time to act.

Our partners are experts in Water Management, offering water audits, bill validation and procurement, as well as advice on any water industry matter. They have saved over £103M since 1990 for their customers

Initially, we are conducting free audits for our customers to highlight the opportunities to save money. Please send us your water bills for us to review – we will report back to you within a few days with a no-obligation recommendation.

Water Audits, how they work
Combining on and off site investigations, errors can be found and corrected. Inefficiencies can be highlighted, and we will recommend the best course of action to reduce and recover costs. Some of the aspects that will be looked into will include:

● Over-estimated bills
● Data errors
● Billing errors
● Charges for incorrect properties
● VAT amendments
● Closed premises but still being invoiced
● Converting unmeasured properties
● Incorrect meter readings
● Meter size reduction

They also specialise in checking and correcting charging assessments of surface water and highway drainage, investigating banding reductions, RV checking and drainage to cancel and reduce charges that do not connect to public sewers.

Send your recent water bill now to or fax to 0844 3588 613 for a free no obligation assessment of the hard cash that we can save for your organisation.