Dual Energy Are Increasing Their Prices To Confirmed Customers

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Dual Energy has sent the following communication to its brokers:
Due to recent increase in prices & as per their terms and conditions, DUAL Energy have notified us that some of their customers that have signed up with them for a start date from 01/01/17 – 31/03/17 will be having a price change. The reasoning for this increase in the agreed rates is due to the increase in the wholesale cost of electricity. They have absorbed as much as possible of this; however are now having to pass this increase over to some of their customers.

In response to our enquiry Dual Energy has confirmed:
The communication which will go out to the customer in the coming weeks, does give the opportunity for customers to cancel if they are not happy to continue on the new set of prices offered. We are of course covered to do so by the T&Cs (4.2, 4.3, 8.1.1) but this is not something we ever wanted to use.

It is the result of a combination of freak incidents within the industry where supply has been hindered, leading to a wholesale increase beyond what we can support (absorb). Up over 70% since April https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/nov/12/electricity-bills-rise-energy-supply-cuts

So the customer will always have the right to opt out at a price change juncture, within the set time frame of notice.

We are still reluctant to accept that their T&C’s cover a price increase simply due to the rise in whole sale prices but this is something Dual Energy customers should discuss with their brokers and/or legal advisors – voting with your feet is always an option.
However it is important for all Dual-Energy customers to check their post and act quickly in case the supplier decides to pass on prices rises to all current customers.