Shall I Get A Smart Meter?

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Some customers have contacted us to find out whether to accept the supplier’s invitation to install a smart meter.

One thing is for sure, by the end of 2020 every consumer domestic or commercial will need to have a smart meter installed.

That means we are now in the last 18 months of the smart meter rollout and suppliers are under increasing pressure to the deadline as well as the year on year target. While SMETS1 should no longer be installed in many instances installation of SMETS2 may not be feasible. As installing the former is no longer counted towards the supplier’s expected targets it is unlikely that customers will be offered one when there is no other need to change a meter.

So if you think you would benefit from a smart meter, why wait. But if you rather don’t get a revisit to change the current meter just make sure you get a SMETS2.

A clear and comprehensive guide about the options is available on the ovo website: