OFGEM Notice of decision to impose a financial penalty on BES

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OFGEM has published its decision to fine BES Commercial Electricity Ltd and Business Energy Solutions Ltd (together referred to as “BES”) for their breaches in various consumer handling standards.

The first breach related to: SLC 7A.4(b) – Supply to Micro Business Consumers – These provisions require that, before a licensee enters into a Micro Business Consumer Contract, it must take all reasonable steps to bring the Principal Terms of the proposed contract to the attention of the consumer and ensure that the information is communicated in plain and intelligible language. These conditions were breached for the period 8 June 2010 to 12 July 2015 (Breaches 1 and 2).

While we are pleased that OFGEM has finally taken action against another failing suppliers we are disappointed at the fact that this breach has been going for over 5 years.

Once again we urge OFGEM to audit supplier’s performance and their system for being fit for purpose.

In recent weeks we have raised numerous complaints against different big6 suppliers on varying issues proving that many big and small suppliers are simply not up-to standard. Neither their human performance nor their computer systems deliver the service customers should be able to expect.