Greenpeace Co-founder: CO2 does not cause global warming

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Greenpeace Co-founder and former leader Patrick Moore told ELN: The increase in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not related to global warming and there is no definitive proof.
He believes the future will show the hysteria over climate change is a “complete fabrication”.
He added rich countries’ plans for wind and solar power “is a giant waste of money” as well as “unreliable and prohibitively expensive in the long run”.

While it is beyond my expertise to support or argue on such a statement it is certainly important that before jeopardizing our economy and endangering our energy supply; claims of climate change being caused by human intervention must be irrefutable proven and not just come from the renewables industry.

In this context there may be some good reason for the government’s proposal to slash renewables subsidies to new applicants and instead: It wants to rein in the spiralling costs of renewable energy subsidies and “protect” householders from higher bills as reported by ELN.