OFGEM Allows Npower To Test New Wording Of Renewal Statement

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OFGEM has granted Npower a time-limited derogation to allow the Licensee to proceed with the trial to test consumer engagement with its new Statement of Renewal Terms.
Npower has taken feedback from customers, which showed that the current Statement of Renewal Terms for domestic customers based on the prescription by the SLCs is too long, contains too much information and is difficult for customers to understand.

We are pleased to see a supplier taking the initiative to make their terms easier to understand by the customers. However we would like to see their commitment to plain English information being extended to the small print for both domestic and commercial customers.

Because of the length and complexity of supplier’s T&C’s, Alpine Utilities, often sends those to customers with our highlights to make it easier for our clients to pick up the most relevant points. This is yet another example of the quality of customer service Alpine Utilities clients can expect.