NEXUS Is Coming Shortly

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What’s happening?

The gas industry is going through a period of change during 23 May and 06 June 2017. This change affects all gas suppliers where a large IT upgrade is taking place across the entire gas industry. This will prevent any registration during this time. As a result of this, customers may experience a slight delay to the switching journey.

We wanted to give you an update on where the project is and what suppliers are planning to do in the weeks leading up to the switchover. But first some background info to help:

• The national Gas registration system is being replaced (Gas only).
• This will impact all Suppliers and therefore our partners. This is right across the Industry – B2B & Domestic.
• It is going to be a SAP Implementation – the biggest in Europe.

What Next?
• The implementation date is confirmed as 01 June 2017.
• A number of so called non-effective days are required to facilitate ‘cutover’ to this new system. These non-effective days will be running from 23 to 31 May 2017. During this time, no communication can take place with Xoserve or the Independent Gas Transporters (iGTs); this is to enable critical activities such as data migration and transition to the new systems to take place.
• This non-effective period will impact all processes which interact with Xoserve and the iGTs.
• Ofgem have agreed that the 21 day switching rule will not apply (for gas switches) during this period.
• The impact to our customers should be minimal.
• If you have any customers that require registering within the minimum timescales there will be a delay, as this will impact the number of days it will take to complete the switch.
• Future new contract supply start dates (e.g. 01 July, 01 August) and renewals will be unaffected The first business as usual day after cutover is 06 June 2017