Lessons From The Grenfell Tower Disaster

150 150 David

Firstly I would like to express my shock and horror as well as sadness over the 4th and biggest national tragedy in such a short time.
My heart goes out for the victims and their families.
I wish to extend my condolences to the victims families, friends and relatives.
I wish all the injured ones a speedy and full recovery.
All the many people who lost their homes and belongings should succeed in rebuilding their lives quickly.
I am pleased that the prime minister has taken the obvious step to set up a governmental inquiry into what lessons can be learned to increase the safety of the residents of tower buildings.
Unfortunately this repeats the usual pattern of let the disaster happen first and learn the lesson AFTER.
AFTER the Hillsborough disaster changes to football stadiums were enacted.
AFTER the Robert Maxwell Pension scandal the financial authority put new rules for the security of pensions in place.
AFTER the 2nd hit to kill terror attack barriers were put up to prevent a further such attack.

AFTER the government realised the competition in the energy market is not working the CMA came up with its report and recommendations

The list goes on…
What we need is competent politicians and authorities with a foresight to prevent disasters BEFORE they happen!