Havenpower have published guidance to Energy Intensive Industry (EII) exemption

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In the 2015 Autumn Statement, the Government announced its intent to reduce the impact of
renewables policies on the costs of electricity for the most Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs).
This proposal would see EIIs exempt from a significant proportion1 of the costs of the Renewables Obligation (RO) and the Small Scale Feed-in Tariff (ss-FiT), in order to ensure that they maintain their competitiveness internationally. EIIs are currently entitled to cash compensation from the cost of these schemes (i.e. they pay the costs but receive compensation from the Government). From April 2017, it is proposed that this would change to a direct exemption at source; however, this is subject to State Aid Approval.
Under this exemption, companies operating in sectors such as metal casting, heavy
manufacturing and mining will benefit, but non-exempt customers will pay extra to cover the cost of the exemptions. This cross-subsidy will put further upward pressure on prices for these non-EII customers.
Havenpower have published and information and Q&A sheet regarding this new policy, which you can access online @ http://www.havenpower.com/customer-information/energy-intensive-industry-eii-exemption-explained