CMA: Businesses paying £280m more per year for energy But Brokers are going to be more important in the coming years not less.

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Today’s CMA report has some important details for our business customers:

Businesses paying £280m over the odds £230m of which come from micro businesses – so it’s important to engage in the market and search for a cheaper deal!
Already 75% of turnover is being sold by brokers and the number is raising due to cuts in sales staff by the big energy suppliers.

Also come out has the complaints handling league table.

Accordingly, complaints have fallen to 275 complaints per 100’000 customers.
With SSE and EDF less than 50 Extra Energy and Co-operative Energy more than 1000 complaints per 100’000 customers.

Brokers are in the best position to prevent complaints arising and assist customers to sort out problems.