British Gas Business CS Contradicting Letter Sent To Customer

150 150 David

Our Client received a letter from from British Gas Business confirming termination received.

The letter says: We’re writing to confirm your termination notice has been received and your Fixed Price Energy Plan will end on 5th March 2018. After this date if you haven’t arranged a new Fixed Price Plan … or moved to another supplier, you’ll move on to our variable Plan prices.

Please contact your new supplier to make sure that they don’t request the transfer before 6th March 19.

Yet when speaking to the customer service team the insisted that supply can only move on the 30th March 18 (despite of termination sent 1st Feb and a formal complaint logged) and the current objection will be upheld if applied for earlier transfer.

It would help if British Gas would get the dates right and clarify the actual date the new supplier can apply for to avoid unnecessary/unjustified objections.