When will your Maximum Demand meter change to HH

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OFGEM have now accepted industry concerns about the short time scale in implementing P272, the changeover of maximum demand electricity meters (profile 05 – 08) to Half Hourly.
OFGEM has therefore agreed to extend the implementation date to 1st April 2017.
However, in order to minimise the risk of change over in mid contract; any profile 05 – 08 acquisition or renewals from 5th November 2015 with advanced meters will have to move to HH within 45 days.
So for many MD customers the next time they renew their contract or change supplier they will be moved to HH.
We have yet to receive communication from the suppliers that any MD site with start date after 5th November will have to be quoted as HH.
We would also like confirm what prices will customers pay during the 45 transition period?
While OFGEM sees many benefits from the change we are somewhat concerned of the cost impact it will have on small businesses.
Alpine Utilities will monitor developments and seek to advice its many MD customers on the best options.