Water bills will rise by 2% on average

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ELN reports that the average household water and sewerage bill in England and Wales is to increase by 2% this year.
That will add around £6 in April, taking the total bill to £395 on average.
Between 2015 and 2020, water and sewerage companies are to invest £44 billion in better service and environmental improvements.
Almost all water firms have social tariffs in place, which help reduce the bills of low income households.
Also households with small children and patients of certain categories can apply for discounted rates.
However, according to Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), only around half of the 400,000 households who can benefit from the scheme have so far signed up for help.
“The good news is water companies have a growing number of schemes to help customers who are feeling the pinch. Some of these can provide lower bills and therefore shield households from the effects of price rises. But a lot of that support is still not reaching those that need it most.”

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