Reassurance – No Blackout To Expect

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According to an ELN report Steve Holliday, former boss of National Grid, who believes the nation has enough electricity capacity to meet demand even during peak times.

Last year National Grid increased the gap between total power generating capacity and peak demand to 6.6% for this winter – up from from 5.5% for winter 2015/2016.

Mr Holliday told BBC News: “It’s time for the headline of Blackout Britain to end – it’s simply wrong. We’ve been talking about blackouts for 15 years every time it gets cold but it’s a scare story.

The lights haven’t gone out yet and thanks to the measures the government is putting in place this week, they definitely won’t go out in future. The UK has one of the most stable supplies of electricity in Europe.”

The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) agrees, adding “it’s time to put Blackout Britain scaremongering to bed once and for all”.

Britain has one of the most reliable electricity systems in the world and it’s remaining reliable as renewable generation increases. It used to be said that the grid would fall over when 5% of our electricity came from wind and solar power – we’re now at three times that level and the lights are staying stubbornly on, just as they are in Denmark where wind provides about 40% of electricity.”

However another report expects this year the first cyber attack on a utility firm – should this happen, your lights may go out nevertheless.