OFGEM Issued Provisional Order Against Iresa Banning To Take On New Customers

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OFGEM has issued a provisional order against the domestic energy supplier, banning them from taking on new customers and increasing DD payments for 3 month.

Over this period, Ofgem has ordered Iresa to improve the service it provides to its customers, including in the following ways:

  • extending call centre hours, bringing down average call waiting times to below 5 minutes, and responding to customers who request a call back by the end of the next working day
  •  responding to customer emails within 5 working days
  • clearing a backlog of consumer emails
  • logging and recording all expressions of customer dissatisfaction
  •  acting to manage and identify all of its vulnerable customers, including offering to put them on a priority services register

We are pleased to see OFGEM taking action against suppliers with poor customer services and hope other suppliers will take note and get their house in order.

Customer service has been a problem with many big and small suppliers, domestic and commercial ones. We urge OFGEM to increase its monitoring of all suppliers to check whether they meet expected standards.