OFGEM discusses TPI provision of face-to-face services

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On the 30th April OFGEM convened a roundtable discussion on the potential challenges to TPIs offering face-to-face services.

Is this a come-back to the much criticised and later withdrawn doorstep selling or has OFGEM recognised that there is nothing compared to face-to-face consultation?

They were addressing the need for people without internet access; but most comparison services do also have a callcentre where people can call and offered the cheapest supplier.

It appears that OFGEM and the stakeholders understand that consumers want to see all the options available while also be given expert advise on what to choose.

How should a customer know whether it’s worth paying £100 more a year for a 2-year fixed rate tariff, and what are the implication of the £30 exit penalty etc.?

While OFGEM discussed domestic customers, at ALPINE UTILITIES we always offer our commercial clients a list of options with a brief recommendation; the customer is then welcome to call us to discuss with our senior consultant what is best in the specific circumstances.