Energy Suppliers Owe Nearly £1b To Domestic Customers

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ELN reports: UK energy suppliers owe around £980 million to homeowners in overpaid bills.
This is usually a result of direct-debit payments set too high.

But it is important that customers give their own meter readings instead of just accepting an estimated bill; and when the credit amount is getting too high consumers should ask for a refund and to lower the DD amount.

What is true in the domestic market certainly also applies to businesses.

Although, most businesses would pay a variable DD, i.e. the amount on the bill, budget schemes with equal monthly DD’s do also exist they are often set too high.

In addition overestimated bills usually result in much higher credits, which businesses would better have in their accounts.

Again, energy customers should submit their own readings regularly and check if they are owed a substantial amount by the supplier.