D-Energi Increases Unit Rate 3 Months After Contract Start by 3.5p/kwh

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D-Energi has written to some customers that their fixed-term contract rate will increase by over 3.5p/kwh (over 20% increase!) just 2-3 months after the start of their electricity contract.

A customer who signed up in August an electricity contract with D-Energi to start in October has now a month later been informed that his unit rates will increase from 13.19p/kwh to 16.712p!

The supplier cites increased wholesale prices, which they are no longer able to absorb.

To add insult to injury we have checked the current matrix prices and found the company still offering rates of 2p/kwh cheaper to new customers than their proposed increased unit rates to customers who signed up just recently.

Alpine Utilities Ltd has written to D-Energy saying this is unacceptable and customers expect their contract rates to be honored for the duration of the contract.

We have also asked how can they still offer new customers cheap rates while at the same time increasing contract prices to existing clients?

A communication sent out by the company to TPI’s says the price increase decision was not made lightly but future contracts would not be subject to such a price review. But Alpine Utilities Director David Lande says he lost trust in this company unless they get clean with their existing customers.