CNG & Gazprom Change Their Renewal Proceedure For Microbusiness

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We are pleased to note that both CNG & Gazprom have now followed most big6 suppliers in compliance with the recent CMA directive to allow Microbusinesses to terminate a rollover contract anytime by giving just 30 days notice.
Microbusiness customers who fail to terminate ahead of the renewal will no longer be locked in on an expensive 12 month contract. For CNG customers at renewal prices will obviously change but the customer can still negotiate a better deal and terminate long before the end of the 12 months. Gazprom microbusiness customers will go out-of-contract and will not require any termination.
For CNG the definition of microbusiness does not tally with the industry guideline but rather refers to any customer using less than 723’000kwh gas.
Alpine Utilities Ltd has communicated this inconsistency to the supplier.