7.7m Domestic Switches in 2016

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OFGEM reports that 7.7m switches from domestic customers took place last year, that’s nearly 30% increase from 2015.
Although the number of customers that have switched suppliers is far less because many of them switched both gas & electricity while others switched more than once.
However it clearly indicated that people voting with their feet and that puts pressure on suppliers to reduce prices and improve customer service for everyone.
The average savings from a standard tariff to the cheapest one in the market was on 28th January £230!
5 years ago there were 14 suppliers to choose from, today we have 50!
How about business customers: Although we don’t have accurate figures but it’s clear that many business just automatically renew with their existing supplier or often remain on the expensive variable or even deemed rates.
It’s therefore imperative that business consumers send us a copy of their bills to check if Alpine Utilities can get them a better deal – and in most cases we can!